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Criticism… is good!

Sometimes small experiences and daily happening teach you lot. I was selected by my teachers to participate in an inter-school competition which was about model making on architectural styles of different countries. I had put all pains to make the model as good as possible and took every effort to develop it and make it eligible to win that competition. Our group was of 3 students and coincidentally we were all friends and we skipped classes and and made the model.

One day before the competition we had to present our model to the Principal of our school. We were very nervous about what will be ma’am‘s remarks on the model. Honestly, ma’am did not like the model at all and pointed all several defects in the model. Each time she criticized the model our hearts and hopes went low. She was not happy with the model and as we walked out of her room we were disheartened, angry and felt hopeless. We didn’t feel like going to the competition the next day. It was a big blow to us and we felt that all our hard work was useless.

But then I realized that getting disheartened is no option and I mustered up some hope and told my friends to work upon the defects. We took the model back home and make necessary amendments. Though the hopes were very low, I believed that we still need to try our best.

Now, the day came. the competition day..!! We decided to go and give our best and most importantly enjoy. The models made by other schools were far more creative but we kept hope. The results were surprising, we backed the third prize and there was no limit to our happiness. I thanked God and somewhere down I thanked our Principal because her criticism helped us work harder.

It made me think that if we take criticism the positive way this criticism may become the major reasons for your success.I don’t really enjoy receiving criticism. In fact, for me, it’s one of the least enjoyable parts of leadership. I particularly cringe when my family members hear or read about criticisms of me. It hurts them and so it hurts me even more.

But, if I am truly honest with myself, I have to admit I’m a better person and leader because of the criticism I have received. And while I certainly don’t agree with all of my critics all of the time, I have learned from many of them. And my critics include all my sources of inspiration and my well wishers. Many times when I receive criticism, I am receiving healthy correction. Sure there are some critics whose words are malicious and unfounded. But that does not mean I should reject the critics altogether. And even when I feel like I have been wronged, I should not assume that I can’t learn something from the critic’s words.


Comments on: "Criticism… is good!" (2)

  1. Well written… We definitely learnt a lot from this experience…Thanx to our Principal!!!


  2. knowledgeaddiction said:

    Great articel ! It’s good that the critic stimulated you to work harder. Unfortunately, not everybody always thinks like you. Some people are very susceptible to critic, so that is why I think it should be avoided.


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