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My Date With Nature.!!

I have been quite tied up with my studies as Exams are round the corner. But yesterday I pushed myself and reluctantly decided to go to the park for a walk after my parents forced.

As I was walking past the road, my mind was thinking of all the algebraic expressions and chemical formulas and was strained with the burden of studies. I knew that my parents had sent me because they wanted me to relax and calm down a bit but every tick of the clock reminded me that I am wasting my time and that I am supposed to study.

Finally, I reached the park and then took a few rounds around. The weather was pleasant with a light breeze blowing. The soft sound of rustling of the trees and the chirp of birds disrupted my chain of thoughts. I was tired and I sat down on a bench. For the first 10 minutes, I was restless. Then I seemed to settle down a bit and was calmer now.

I observed the tall standing trees and the lush green grass ornated by vibrant flowers. I observed the honey bees sucking nectar from the flowers. Everything seemed so effortlessly beautiful. Everything in nature is always moving, always working. Even when animals and plants are in dormant phases, this rest is a kind of active measure for conserving energy. There is no hurry in nature yet it accomplishes all it tasks.

While I observed the trees, they said to me that patience is essential and while I observed the grass, it made me appreciate persistence. There was one old tree which has been there even before I was born. It has grown stronger by time which makes me think struggle isn’t a bad thing; it’s the foundation of vitality.

The lessons I received from the nature didn’t seem to end.

Grass portrays humility, as countless pairs of feet walk all over it every day.  It doesn’t complain or wither away.  In fact it usually springs back up, unharmed each time. How wonderful is it to walk barefoot on soft green grass? This is something that can be very healing to do and ‘earths’ you – giving you a feeling of replenishment and grounding in your being. Try it, and contemplate the humility of the grass.

A tree embodies the quality of self-offering.  It provides homes and shelter for animals, birds and insects, as well as offering shade and fruit to us humans. The Buddha sat beneath the great bodhi tree and reached his state of enlightenment there. Next time you walk through a park, breathe in the beauty of the trees and perhaps offer a moment of gratitude to them for teaching us the divine art of self-offering.

Each element said something.

My phone rang. It was mom. I got so lost in the beauty of nature that time had seemed to fly away. I went back home with a smile and a glowing calm on my face.

This experience had been very enriching and I think I’ll be doing this quite often now. Try it yourself once.


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  1. Excellent post. One of my favourites of all that you’ve written till now. 😀


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