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Risking it.!

“Take every risk, to drop every fear.”

Can people find fulfillment and happiness in life by playing it safe and not courting any trouble or hardship from taking chances?

There are a lot of people who take big risks and appear not to be affected by them. But, many of us feel very uneasy when faced with risk-taking; we may become worried about the risk. Although some people are content in life by just playing it safe and not courting any trouble or hardship from taking chances, risk taking is a fundamental part of life and it is necessary in order for us to be happy or at least find happiness. Confidence, Challenge, and Innovation plays a big part in taking risks.

There are people who have to regularly face risks and if they run away from it, this world wouldn’t be this fine. To make my views clearer, I’ll quote the example of a sailor. Everyday he has to sail and has to face the roaring sea or ocean but gradually, he gets familiar to it and has no fear of water (Aquaphobia).

I am not guaranteeing 100% success rate in taking risks but it will definitely help you overcome your fears and reality shows like Fear Factor are solely based on this idealogy.

So, it’s better to face it then to flee from it.!


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  1. Risks are met with fear. However stepping out on faith is living. Some risks, are meant to be taken and fear should not cripple one from doing so.

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  2. What a great post – I have had this conversation so very many times before! I think that life is a bit like the stock market – you can play cautiously, only risking what you can afford, or you can go all in to win big or fail completely. I do think that contentment can be found in being careful if that’s what’s natural to you, but if you’re not wired that way it will never satisfy you for long.


  3. Hi Upasna! As I always say, better to risk it and fail than never to take the risk in the first place…but of course, the hope is always that we don’t fail! We all love to be safe in our comfort zones. Stepping out is hugely risky, but it has to be done! Nice post, thank you !

    Just to let you know that I have at last posted my thank you for the award you so kindly gave me. So sorry it took me so long! Here is the link: http://sherrimatthewsblog.com/2014/04/22/promises-awards-and-one-retro-drawing/

    Congratulations and many thanks again. Have a lovely day – Sherri 🙂


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