I am here, just to share…


So,firstly I want my readers to catch up with all the time I could not write. I know that it has been a long time since I have written anything but as the new session started, there were multiple things that I had to tackle and they kept me constantly busy. I accept that I had sidetracked my blog for all these months and I am really sorry about it. My time management tactics seemed to have failed this year. A lot of things have happened with me all this time of which I  will write separately. But I promise to my lovely readers that you are going to get more of me in this upcoming month.

After a long time I opened my WordPress account and I got the news that my blog has turned a year old. It was so pleasing to have this news because this blog is completely my brainchild and it is something which makes me happy!

So, I wish a very very Happy Birthday to ‘Live Out Loud’! and here I go discussing with you my journey.

The Evolution

My first blog post was a quote and it was in an urge to just write something. Then I posted my friendship story and seeing the amount of love I had received by that time, I felt under constant pressure to keep up my standards but I wanted to keep it real. My next post was – Tough Times Never Last, Tough People do and it was about how I had panicked in my Mathematics exam and what learning outcome did I derive from it. However, when I look back, I have now improved a lot in Maths since that day.

My blog post are nothing but an elaborate explanation of the learning outcomes I derive from daily happenings. The insight of each incident and the philosophical side of every occurrence is reflected in my posts.

Since then my graph has an increasing trend which always makes me very happy.

The Things This Blog Has Changed In Me

I started this blog to improve my expression and moreover, I wanted to share my internal processes with someone. In this journey, 41 wonderful people joined me which I never expected. I never expected that my super boring rants would catch someone’s interest but they did. With the evolution of my blog, I have actually become quite expressive and now, I feel confident to share my thoughts. It is all because of you, my wonderful and supportive audience! Thank you guys!

I owe a lot to this blog. It has made me rediscover myself and self introspect. It has made me realize that when you are in your own skin, people love you the most. The amount of encouragement and appreciation I have got has made me quite confident.

But we have a long way to go ahead. So I need best wishes from all of you.


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