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Failure Is Not Final

Courtesy: tumblr.com

Courtesy: tumblr.com

Some events are more than just experiences for us, they are life lessons for us. Something recently happened to me in my school which taught me that it is not necessary that what you expect is always going to happen and your opinion about yourself may be not similar to that of others. What it also taught me was that when you fall, you feel miserable and depressive and you often tend to take some momentary decisions which you may regret in the long run. It’s better to get up, dust off the dirt and move on with what life brings along.

The event that I am going to describe to you may be very small and petty for you but it actually meant a lot to me at this point of time. So just bear with my rant.

Our school annually selects its School Executive Council and Prefectorial Board. I was a part of the board with the post of House Representative and I had put in all my efforts to justify me being there. Honestly, I think I had outshone my duty profile and this year I was expecting to become the Literary Captain of my house.

I had applied for the Literary Captain and I passed the Speech Round and then I had an interview with the Principal of our school. It all went quite good and I expected to get this post. I was really anticipating the results.

In a few days, the results were out but I did not get the post!

I was broken and completely shattered. I did get a post lower than what I had applied for but it was not what I desired. The whole day I had been crying in the school and everyone came to calm me. I felt betrayed. All the work I had done for my house felt like null. I felt like a loser. I momentarily took the decision of resigning from the post I was given but I decided to wait for the next day.

I came back home and cried and cried! I know it is a petty issue and that it would have no long term effect in my life but for me right now it was my life. But then I calmed myself and started talking to myself (which is the only way I find peace in such situations).

“What is wrong with you, Upasna? Shut the hell up and stop crying! This is so stupid of you!”

“But I wanted to be the Literary Captain !”(weep, sob, weep)

“It is not necessary that everyone will feel that you deserved that post, okay? Be strong! And remember, this is not the end of the world. there is always a next time”.

” Yes! I know! But I will resign from the post”

“No way, you are not doing anything like that. Justify your post and make them realize that you could have taken the responsibility of the Literary Captain also effortlessly.”

“Yes! I will not resign”

And I did not resign. I am the Prefect of my house and I will justify myself with my actions and not my words. I will rather consider this a success than a failure because anyhow I am a part of the guild and many people have believed and trusted me. I promise I will work exceptionally hards so that the next year I get a way better post.


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  1. Such things happen with me, too. Sometimes things don’t go as per my expectations. And as you said, such things may seem quite petty to others, but mean everything to us. But then we must have patience. Time heals everything. Sometimes when I look back, I feel silly to have cried on such matters! So, It’s OK. life is all about ups and downs, and I guess this is what makes it worth living.

    Felt nice reading your post. πŸ˜€

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  2. And see where you are now! Certainly you deserve this post after all the hardwork!😁


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