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That Eternal Friend

So, this post is a bit different from what I usually do. This is a dedication post to a person who is very special and you know its real when it is on my blog.

No, it’s not a boyfriend. No, it’s not my family.

It is a friend.

My Best Friend.

My Soulmate.

Writing about her is very challenging because the fanciest of description of our relationship might still be an understatement to what we really are for each other. I assure you if you have one such person in your life you will relate to everything in this blog post and the time you finish reading this, I tell you, go and talk to that person and tell them that you love them. Because trust me, you are blessed to have them.

I knew my friend since the longest period of time but we never had conversations until a couple years back when she shifted in my vicinity. It took us very little time to click with each other and we knew that it was a very real and honest friendship.

Time passed. Friendship grew.

As I have made it very certain in my past blogs that I am a very close person from within and I won’t really share my constant tornado of thoughts and emotions with anyone until and unless I trust that person. She took no time and gained my trust effortlessly.

We can be like the typical girls who sit together and gossip. We can act like each other’s lovers when we are having a hard time dealing with people. We can act like sisters if we think that either of us needs some advice.

She might not always act in the most socially appropriate way but I love it about her. Whenever I am with her, I feel a special kind of peace inside. She radiates positivity and her coruscating smile can light up any dull soul. She is gorgeous.Nobody I know in this world can handle me the way she does because I can be the stupidest person at times and this is what makes her all the more special. If a person can make your day turn upside down for good, than you immediately should understand that you need t stick by this person as long as possible. And I am lucky that I was smart enough to get the clue.

In the world full of people trying to pretend and be people they not really are, this girl stands out being herself and being ever so genuine. Because she is perfect the way she is. She is a bundle of avidity without any shady, dark side to her. Honestly, I am not the nicest   person to everybody but she somehow manages to talk to everybody with a gleaming smile and spread it onto the other person’s face as well.

The duration of a relationship is never a parameter to the strength of it, the fact that we know each bit about each other, whether embarrassing or surprising, makes our love for each other evident and distinguished.

Yes, she is the same person I talked about in my last post. We don’t meet daily now but the distance never really bothers us. We are a constant figure in each other’s hearts. We try and meet as much as possible, try and make our timings work out, and you know what, this is exactly what you call friendship. If you lost a friend in the name of distance, trust me, it was not real. It is merely a consolation to you that the distance faded the prominence of your friendship.

No, it is just an excuse. It was you who stopped trying.

I hope you are able to infer what a void your friend(s) fill in your lives. Go and thank them and try and meet them as soon as possible.




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  1. Your best post so far.! 🙂


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