I am here, just to share…

This Woman

She is a woman so strong

An idol of perseverance and sustenance

She distinctively understands the right and wrong

And for wrong she offers herself penance


In the constant rattle between her heart and mind

She often tends to get lost

And the right path becomes difficult to find

She shudders from inside as if her body is frost

From outside, she would still appear warm and kind

And would try to maintain her poise at any cost

Her mind becomes blind

To all her troubles and she hopes they are crossed


Sometimes, her emotions do sway her

But that is only when she is alone

It just makes her a person stronger

Because she is the queen of her throne


If you love her, she’ll take all the efforts to reciprocate

And will promise to stand by you

If you give her a look of hate

Then she’ll just not get under your blue


Her grace should not be fooled as vulnerability

Because her strength is beyond explanation

Never ever doubt her capability

Because her power can shake the nation


Who is this woman?

Where can we find her?

She is in every house and every place

She can provide a disturbed soul the pleasure of solace

She is A WOMAN.

Just the ordinary

But yet so extra ordinary





Comments on: "This Woman" (2)

  1. Beautifully complied yr!


  2. Inspiring. ❤


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