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Mirage Of Destination

We all are walking alone together in the pursuit of our destination. Well, our final destination is the same – abode of all souls after life. But for our personal content, we set small short term goals which define our lives. Everytime we set a new goal, a new journey begins and we move towards it. As we seem to finally reach the end flag, we ourselves change the goals and the end flag or the destination or the symolically represented satisfaction slips out of our hand.When it comes to dealing with greed, one thing that is quite characteristic is that although it arrives by the desire to obtain something, it is not satisfied by obtaining

So, are we supposed to remain in this illusion in a discontent place?

Will this mirage ever turn true and quench the thirst of a soul in a desert?

I have no answer to this. I am no philosophist but I do have an opinion about it. I am not against this mirage at all. How else would life move? This is what keeps us going and gives us the rush that distinguishes us from the dead.

Having dreams, ambitions and wantings gives purpose to our life but not our life.

Our life is worth much more than this. I have seen so many get carried away with their failures or purposelessness in life that they either harmed themselves or harmed someone else which is absolutely moronic. We are making ourselves weak by letting this get onto us. Sometimes, the amount of input efforts that we put in do not completely payoff in the results. That’s FINE. Even the mechanised machines do not translate all the input power into output as 100% efficient machine is still theoretical. And we are humans. Humans, who make mistakes, tend to get distracted and by nature are not perfect.

Then how should we proceed? Do we accept this as a part of life?

I have accepted this as a part of me not life and the only way we can deal with this is by increasing our input efforts to get the desired outcome. But the most important thing, that is above all, is to be happy at every stage of life. After all, health and family are enough for a happy life and they need tobe taken care of the most. I don’t ask you not to be ambitious or not to dream but the hunger and greed should not drive your life. Being content is essential for peace of mind and even though everyone knows its vitality, people neglect it. Probably, they stall their satisfaction to reach to the water which is in actual a mirage.

So when will they ever be happy?

The very moment they want to be.



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  1. This one’s really motivating! 🙂


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