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Living in the World Of Fantasy..!!

Some days ago, we were having a conversation in the school that what is better – to live in the world of fantasy or to live in reality. I was no different from my fellow mates and I wished to animate myself in my sweet and cozy world of fantasy where everything was just perfect ( just like me ).

My world of fantasy reformed all the defects in the society around me. It actually helps me to sort of idealize how my surroundings and its air should be.Fantasy may not always mean living with fairies, elves and spirits and imagining yourself as Alice in the Wonderland. If you admire a person and deeply love him, you fantasize that person spending his quality time with you and your world of fantasy will only limit to that person.

Some fantasize what they wish to become in future and what and how they will take their life further with time. This aids us to create strategies to acquire the goal.

But living in fantasy somewhat takes away the time of your present and makes realization of things slow. Just imagine, you are in front of your Boss and you can’t resist fantasizing yourself with Angelina Jolie whom you saw yesterday in ‘Salt’ and suddenly Boss asks you a question about the monthly sales and profit. You are like, “Yes Boss, Were you saying something?” and the Boss turns red with anger.  The next day you get a notice that your promotion is cancelled and you are like ,”Damn it. I hate you Angelina”.

I’ve been blessed to always find ways out of the busyness of the world. For the past two weekends I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to spend it out of town with family. I got to leave all the stress of work, school, and every other minute problem back in the town I come from. When you escape, you learn to live in a place of fantasy as opposed to reality.

You find that you get to live a life of imagination and liveliness that is only tangible when you don’t have other things to think of. The hardest part is coming back to the reality that you first escaped from. It isn’t normal to live in a fantasy world, it isn’t healthy either. Reality strikes when we don’t want it too, the earth seems like it’s suffocating our lives, and we feel like there is too much to do.

I feel and what we concluded from the discussion in the school was that we need to counterbalance fantasy and realism. Never stop fantasizing because it actually helps to enhance your creativity. But learn to take control over your mind when it starts wandering in the fantasy world and to bring it back into reality.  🙂



Misunderstandings and misinterpretations…


I have observed that the most common complaint of every human is that nobody understands him. This thought is borne in almost every teenager of today as they face the dichotomy of realism and idealism. They are still not able to figure out which is the true nature of the world. This instills within them rebellious spirit and cause mood swings within them through their period of mood swings.

This rebellious nature may be shed by them after they turn more mature. But if this not happens, he/she might create his own environment of idealistic nature of the world which will make it even more difficult for him to face the real world which is filled with greed, selfishness, corruption, apathy, pseudo intellectualism and finally no  peace. I am a teen myself but I have never been targeted by misunderstandings because I have always had someone around me with whom I could share my thought processes. The best person is your elder sister or brother as they have outgrown through such problems.

Creating ideals, following other, speaking in the language of social conformity and trying to pretend someone whom you idealize may sound familiar to all the teens. But it kills the originality and the uniqueness of the real person within you. People should think things out fresh and not just accept conventional terms and the conventional way of doing things. We must accept that each one of has different vantage point through which we see things in world. Being socially acceptable is great, but by demeaning others may rise problems in the future.

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
– Dr. Seuss