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Shaking Things Up..!!

Change. Though a heavy word, but it is one of the most vital one and we don’t even get to know when it happens. It can have various interpretations like change in people with due course of time or the change we want to see in the people around us or some intentional changes in ourselves for our good.

My Final examinations have just concluded and I have 10 days of holidays before the new session commences and I have decided to dedicate these holidays to myself. Exams are really tiring and I really feel I had extended my limits this time. I have planned of various changes in my monotonous life which will definitely make it more fun.

“There is nothing permanent in life except change,” said philosopher Heraclitus. Others have called change or variety as ‘the spice of life’.

Changes in the daily pattern of life make it difficult to roll with the punches but some of them are really inevitable.

At the instant, I genuinely needed to devote some time for my personality development which requires me to read novels, write blogs and be more systematic in my daily working.

We hear talks pertaining ‘Change’ which have an extended range.

Changes that take place in nature we have little or no control over. We cannot, for instance, switch the time of tides, which anyway, wait for no one. The other kind of change is the one we witness either in political, social or other fields including the area of personal life. These are changes over which one can exercise some degree of control, changes which can be guided by oneself or others.

As far as our human and particularly Indian society is concerned, there are so many things that fall in the second category and need change, be it in caste system, condition of the poor, status of women, dowry system, spreading corruption, and so on. Not that anyone likes these things to continue. Often the dilemma is, ‘where to begin’?

Some how I feel the basic meaning of change is the most essential and should be used by us while these broader aspects are essentially the impacts of these small changes.

So to bring the curtain down for this extensive topic, I would say that changes are always for our good and those who resist it make very slow progress. The group of people who deny change are afraid of the after effects and not ready to except the challenges of life. It cannot be denied that change can cost a lot but it is also undeniable that it also brings prosperity if decisions are taken properly.



My Date With Nature.!!

I have been quite tied up with my studies as Exams are round the corner. But yesterday I pushed myself and reluctantly decided to go to the park for a walk after my parents forced.

As I was walking past the road, my mind was thinking of all the algebraic expressions and chemical formulas and was strained with the burden of studies. I knew that my parents had sent me because they wanted me to relax and calm down a bit but every tick of the clock reminded me that I am wasting my time and that I am supposed to study.

Finally, I reached the park and then took a few rounds around. The weather was pleasant with a light breeze blowing. The soft sound of rustling of the trees and the chirp of birds disrupted my chain of thoughts. I was tired and I sat down on a bench. For the first 10 minutes, I was restless. Then I seemed to settle down a bit and was calmer now.

I observed the tall standing trees and the lush green grass ornated by vibrant flowers. I observed the honey bees sucking nectar from the flowers. Everything seemed so effortlessly beautiful. Everything in nature is always moving, always working. Even when animals and plants are in dormant phases, this rest is a kind of active measure for conserving energy. There is no hurry in nature yet it accomplishes all it tasks.

While I observed the trees, they said to me that patience is essential and while I observed the grass, it made me appreciate persistence. There was one old tree which has been there even before I was born. It has grown stronger by time which makes me think struggle isn’t a bad thing; it’s the foundation of vitality.

The lessons I received from the nature didn’t seem to end.

Grass portrays humility, as countless pairs of feet walk all over it every day.  It doesn’t complain or wither away.  In fact it usually springs back up, unharmed each time. How wonderful is it to walk barefoot on soft green grass? This is something that can be very healing to do and ‘earths’ you – giving you a feeling of replenishment and grounding in your being. Try it, and contemplate the humility of the grass.

A tree embodies the quality of self-offering.  It provides homes and shelter for animals, birds and insects, as well as offering shade and fruit to us humans. The Buddha sat beneath the great bodhi tree and reached his state of enlightenment there. Next time you walk through a park, breathe in the beauty of the trees and perhaps offer a moment of gratitude to them for teaching us the divine art of self-offering.

Each element said something.

My phone rang. It was mom. I got so lost in the beauty of nature that time had seemed to fly away. I went back home with a smile and a glowing calm on my face.

This experience had been very enriching and I think I’ll be doing this quite often now. Try it yourself once.

I am lost .!!


I am lost
In midst of people.
People, whom I know,
But they don’t even look back as I go.

I am lost
In the trap of emotions.
Emotions, which can defy anyone
and give you problems a ton.

I am lost
In the puzzle of life.
Life, which we get only once,
But we need to live it loud before time runs.

I am lost
In the burden of expectations.
Expectations in the eyes of my mom and dad
Because they want to see me become a successful lad.

I am lost even more as I write,
But I hold myself tight.
Because I know there will be a brighter morning
And will be able to come out of this maze shining.

When the going gets tough.. The tough gets going..


I have noticed that whatever be the phase of life we are in.. we always think that the coming phase would be better.. it would bring new colours to our life.. it will open new windows for us. We are always in anticipation of something new, a future, desolated from present. 

The moment your so called dream is attained, the relevance of that starts disappearing because it is then you realize that situations do not make life better. That is the time you see that even after the dream has been attained, life will not be all rosy. 

Its then when going gets tough..It is then you feel trapped..Its then when it seems all means of communication have broken down..It is then when u feel if somebody could just come and understand your silence.. Its then you feel that if for a day you could be protected from the wolves…

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Misunderstandings and misinterpretations…


I have observed that the most common complaint of every human is that nobody understands him. This thought is borne in almost every teenager of today as they face the dichotomy of realism and idealism. They are still not able to figure out which is the true nature of the world. This instills within them rebellious spirit and cause mood swings within them through their period of mood swings.

This rebellious nature may be shed by them after they turn more mature. But if this not happens, he/she might create his own environment of idealistic nature of the world which will make it even more difficult for him to face the real world which is filled with greed, selfishness, corruption, apathy, pseudo intellectualism and finally no  peace. I am a teen myself but I have never been targeted by misunderstandings because I have always had someone around me with whom I could share my thought processes. The best person is your elder sister or brother as they have outgrown through such problems.

Creating ideals, following other, speaking in the language of social conformity and trying to pretend someone whom you idealize may sound familiar to all the teens. But it kills the originality and the uniqueness of the real person within you. People should think things out fresh and not just accept conventional terms and the conventional way of doing things. We must accept that each one of has different vantage point through which we see things in world. Being socially acceptable is great, but by demeaning others may rise problems in the future.

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
– Dr. Seuss