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Welcome Aboard

Hi and welcome to Live Out Loud..!!!

For many people who have asked me the reason for starting this blog, it is because I love writing. I write because telling stories and expressing experience and working things out in words, either explicitly or implicitly is, for me, the only kind of creative work and the only kind of job where that has never happened: where boredom and frustration have never made me want to give up, only to change direction.

This blog is not uni-directional or focusing on a single issue. Because it is my interpretation of what I face in life and my life has a daily dose of competition, jealousy, love, affection, hate and care. No day is same as the other and so is no blog post of mine same as the other.

I look upon our world as an imaginative writer does —  a place of events rich in metaphor and symbolic value. At the same time, I’m rooted both by training and study in the real details of things that matter to all of us.

If you subscribe to this blog, your mailbox won’t be flooded with rambling thoughts. I write only when I have something to say, and I try to keep it brief.

I hope you’ll join me in this episodic journey with comments and feedback, with reflections and stories of your own.




Comments on: "Welcome Aboard" (2)

  1. Your posts are insightful and offer wisdom. I enjoy your view of life and the way you pursue quality in all you do. This is an inspiring blog!


  2. Thanks Lita and your acknowledgment genuinely means a lot!


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